As an author and illustrator of children's books and creator of apps for children, your child's privacy is very important to me.

My privacy policy is simple:
I make books and self-contained apps that children can read, interact with, learn from, and enjoy.

My apps do not include any type of analytics. I do not collect or share personal data. I do not market to your children.

There are no third-party ads on my website or in my apps.

I do not connect to social media through my website or apps. There are no Facebook or Twitter buttons.

I cannot track a user's location, or any other information, from my website or apps.

There is no in-app purchase functionality. Users cannot purchase content through "buy" or "unlock" features within the app

Crêpes by Suzette, the app, has links to the internet that open a mobile web browser to museum websites so that users can learn about the artworks that appear in the app. These links are behind a parental gate.









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If you have any trouble finding copies of my books, please contact me dirrectly. I may be able to help you.

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