"Based on a 1960's song by Leventhal, this picture book introduces global diversity in the simplest way. A small child in New York City packs his bag, boards a plane, and travels all over the world. Each double-page spread of clear illustrations in bright primary colors show him in a new country; each time he asks the children there, 'What is your language?' and each time they answer with the name of their language - English, German, French, Russian, Inuktitut, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Swahili, and Spanish - and they chant the word that means 'yes' for them. With very young kids, the book can be read aloud and sung (the music notation is appended). For older kids, there are detailed notes at the back about each language, including a pronunciation guide. Along with the pleasure of adventure is the recognition of community with kids everywhere. In a nice reversal, when the boy says finally that he has to go home, all the children shout their word for 'no'"
- Booklist

What Is Your Language?
Dutton: 0140563156

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