"When a little girl asks who is tapping at her window, the farm animals - from the cat to the rat, the fox to the ox - all deny doing so. Finally, however the culprit owns up. What will enchant children are the repetitions of 'It's not I' by each of the animals. Wellington's illustration have a bold, naive style; her pictures seem to be those of seasoned illustrator rather than a first-time artist"
- Publisher's Weekly

"The right combination of simplicity, predictability, and the unexpected. It stays in the mind's eye and the ear's memory after more calculated books have been forgotten"
- The Reading Teacher

This was my first book, published in 1988. I had an illustration to this poem in my portfolio, that I had done in a children's book class at SVA, when I was showing my work around to publishers. My editor had the idea of making this short poem into a whole book, and I've been doing books ever since!

Who Is Tapping At My Window?
Dutton: 0525443835

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