"Wellington blends kaleidoscopic art and fanciful language in this atmospheric tale of nocturnal perambulations."
- Publisher's Weekly

"A pair of plump white bunnies hop through their nocturnal pursuits - nibbling vegetables and berries from a farm, running from owls, raccoons, a red fox, a lumbering bear (all cuddly, non-theatening predators), and seeking shelter from a nighttime rainstorm. The hypnotically simple snippets of verse are loaded with nouns and verbs: 'Nighttime ending / Bright sun rising / Scurry hurry home.' Matisse-like cut-outs romp through a Grandma Moses landscape in vividly colored spreads. Totally charming and uncynical, this is a good book for toddlers. Amid so many other titles full of drop-dead opulence, Wellington's simplicity is a stand-out."
- Pointer review from Kirkus Reviews

"A perfect bedtime package"
- School Library Journal

Night Rabbits
Dutton: hardcover 0-525-45335-6

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