"Wellington uses bold, vivid colors in a simple poster art style to show the adventures of seven little ducklings. After rising in the morning, they splash in a pond and explore farm and forest before trudging sleepily back to their nest for the night. Inspired by a German children's song, the book is perfect for reading aloud. Young children will enjoy the sounds of the ducklings’ activites: ‘splish splosh,’ ‘wibble wobble,’ ‘dibble dibble dabble.’ The simple text is attractive and easy to read, and the charming illustrations are filled with gentle humor. This is a welcome addition to any picture book collection."
- Starred review from School Library Journal

"With her buoyant pictures and succinct text, Wellington turns a remembered song from her childhood into a book that will have enormous appeal for preschoolers.. The words, so precise in their meanings and so much fun to listen to, will help instill a love of language in young ears."
- Starred review from Booklist

All My Little Ducklings
Dutton: hardcover 0-525-45360-1

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