“Wellington energetically weaves an optimistic green message into an urban backdrop.”  
Publishers Weekly

“Young Gabby and her gray-haired grandmother decide their day will be a green one. First, the duo makes cloth bags. Once done, it’s off to the farmers’ market to buy locally produced products (carried in their newbags), to the park to play and recycle their reading matter, and then over to the library to check out books with more earth projects. This upbeat picture book is charming and attractive. As usual, Wellington’s clever use of design and bits of collage add to the appeal. Here, most pictures are actively bordered with small items, like recycle stickers and a tiny mouse scampering about, saying things like, “Waste not, want not!” The rounded simple shapes give the art a childlike feel, and the many things to look at can turn the book into an interactive experience as adults ask childrden what they spy. Instructions for making a cloth bag and other green activities were not seen but will be included in the final book. A delightful way to introduce ‘going green.’”

Apple Farmer Annie
Dutton: hardcover 0-525-46934-6

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